What is a story

(…) When the man sits down again, Xiaoyi says, “I’ll tell you a gentle story.”
“I’ve heard such stories. They’re liquid. Sticky, wet, filled with the smell of tears and mucus. I don’t like them.”
“Stories are not liquid.” Xiaoyi glares at him.
Before the man can argue with her, something tumbles from above and falls into his lap. It’s warm, furry, and squirms around: a pure white puppy! Round, dark eyes. Wet nose. Oh, it’s sticking out its pink tongue and licking the man’s finger.
“Stories are like dogs,” Xiaoyi explains. “When called, they appear.”
“How did you do this?” the man asks, carefully cradling the puppy and watching it suck on his finger.

(Tang Fei: Call Girl, translated by Ken Liu)

Awesome story.

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