Sur la naissance de OneNote (joyeux anniversaire !)

Sur la naissance de OneNote, qui est ce classeur numérique toujours parfaitement rangé et organisé—mais qui est aussi ce tas de feuilles volantes, ce Post-It, ce bout de nappe numérique sur lequel griffonner de manière complètement bordéliquedont j’ai toujours rêvé.

Sur la naissance de OneNote, qui a discrètement fêté ses dix ans il y a quelques semaines, voilà ce que dit son créateur :

OneNote started as an email exchange between myself and Steven Sinofsky, the Senior VP for Office, Nov 27, 2000. We were talking about how there wasn’t much in the way of software to deal with information that was not yet a document.


The key insight I had at this point was that whatever this tool was, it had to let you capture the thought or piece of info as you had it without forcing you to deal with any software goo up front. To take a note in Outlook you had to find the place where you were allowed to take notes. But if it was a phone number, you were supposed to use Contacts, but you had to create a contact and name it before you could save the phone number. Post-its beat that hands down. This new tool, which I called “Scribbler” would be as close to electronic paper as we could get to make capturing information easy, but then have much more power than paper to help you deal with the stuff you put into it.


Chris Pratley: OneNote genesis