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The Most Basic and Useful Advice Ever for Better Ebook Cover Design

You’re selfpublishing and you’re designing your own covers too, crafting each one with the same love and patience you put into its story? Great. The sad thing is that none of your potential readers will look at your cover this way. None will be savouring every fine little detail you added and knowingly be appreciative of the subtle color choices you’ve made.

The Right Dark Theme

Discussing accessibility with a friend, I realized how difficult it can be for someone with a ‘normal’ eyesight to understand the importance of a good (dark) theme for users that do not have a ‘normal’ eyesight, and what a difference an apparently insignificant change in color can make. Every single one of us will have his/her own idea of what is a ‘good theme’.

PC Dusting (& help saving the planet)

Yesternight, my normally dead-silent desktop noisily me reminded me it was overdue for its more-or-less annual dusting. Its fans were roaring and whirling. So, early this morning I dusted the PC. Frankly, I have no excuse for not doing it more often. But I just don’t care very much about hardware, I just want it to work in silence and as long as it is silent…

Change Xfce Grab∕Alt Key

By default, Xfce has a “grab key” that you can use to, well, grab a window and move it around. By default, it is the ALT. Which can be a problem with certain apps, like Inkscape, to access some of their tools or options. You can quickly change the grab key — or turn it off, if you don’t need it all.

Setting a true dark mode for Inkscape

TL;DR: See the section “Dark theme” below, to get to the how-to. The self-published author’s life, ep. 2: an app or two for creating covers I have started using Inkscape to design my ebook covers. Using a vector drawing app for that job is nothing new, since I was already using, and still uses, Affinity Designer (Affinity’s alternative to Adobe Illustrator) under Windows and macOS.

Un café, Linux, LibreOffice Writer, le Mac et moi sommes dans un bateau... (ou Comment réafficher les titres disparus dans le navigateur de documents de Writer)

TL;DR: Si vous voulez juste savoir comment réafficher vos titres qui ont disparu du navigateur de document de Writer, voyez à la fin de l’article la secion “Réactiver l’affichage des titres dans le navigateur”. Sinon, installez-vous confortablement. Vous prendez bien un café? La vie trépidante de l’auteur Aujourd’hui, après deux jours d’écriture intensive partagés entre macOS et iOS, j’avais prévu de me remettre à travailler sur mon desktop sous Manjaro Linux, dans LibreOffice Writer, avec pour objectif d’écrire deux chapitres au moins.

List Recently Opened Files in Xfce

Recent files in Xfce’s Panel You can add functionalities to Xfce’s Panel (it’s taskbar) by adding Items to it: sound control, network applet, list of opened windows, cpu temp, fan speed, quick user switch, and so on they’re all items. Many are preinstalled but I could not find one to list recently opened files.