GNU/Linux? Why not! Enjoying Manjaro... most of the time ;)

USB Audio Volume Too loud or Muted?

I just installed a USB speaker that lsusb identifies as a GEMBIRD Honk HK-5002 USB Speaker. It’s plug-and-play, and it works — not a great sound quality for music, but this is not what I want to use it for — save that the sound is either too loud (crackling and distorted) or, as soon as I try to lower the volume, it is muted.

The Emacs Noob: My (Second) First Encounter with Org-Mode

When you are doing research on org-mode for notes taking in the middle of a sleepless night, to accidentaly realize, reading someone else commenting on, you had forgotten everything about your true first encounter with Org-Mode, dating back… 2011. Beside my failing memory, what strikes me the most reading this short note, is the reason I was as enthusiastic as I was hesitant to fully commit to Org-Mode back then is the exact same reason I am still hesitant and enthusiastic today, after my recent rediscovery of Org-Mode:

The Emacs noob: Typewriter Mode

Many Markdown text editors under macOS or iOS come with a neat feature that lets you set the caret at a fixed position on screen, most often in the middle of the screen. This feature tries to emulate the way old mechanical typewriters used to work — it was the sheet of paper that was moving up or down, not the caret.

Why bother?

Visual Representation of Disk Usage in the Terminal

du is the usual command to show disk usage in a terminal, printing a list of all files and folders and subfolders the folder you ran it in contains. A barely readable list — to my noob’s eyes at least. ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) turns it into something much more useful, imo, putting forward the biggest folders first in a simplified way:

Can't change LightDM Logon Screen Keyboard Layout?

Switching keyboard from French to US was easy (one just need to change the layout in Settings->Keyboard) save for one tiny, tiny little issue — frankly, an absolutely insignificant detail: LightDM, Manjaro’s logon screen mind you, persisted in forcing me to use a French keyboard to login. The bastard. Solution? Open /etc/X11/xorg.

Durgod K320 TKL Keyboard

I received it yesterday from — ordered on Dec 19th, on sale at ~90€ — but I only unboxed and started playing with it this morning. And does this keyboard feels great to type on. It uses USB-C (comes with both USB-C/USB-C and USB-C/USB-A cables). It uses Cherry MX brown switches (other options available).

The Emacs Noob: Always Display Inline Images in Org Files

Here is the first post of what could easily become a series around Emacs, as I’ve recently began using it. What is Org-Mode? At its core, Org-Mode is an extension that adds todo capabilities to Emacs, but it is much more than that: an agenda, a tool to create slides for presentations, an outliner, a tool to take and organize notes.