I speak French and I (try to) write this blog in English — why not?

I‘m a geek, a reader, and a writer. I’m Belgian, bald, and bearded. I have been living in France since the early 2000. I like tea and coffee. I was born in the 70s. I’m not single, my spouse and I have been living together for more than twenty years and counting.

We’re in the 90s (trust me), I’m a twenty-something that will soon be a drop-out that wanted to study philosophy and journalism.

Fast forward to the early 00s: I live in Paris with my spouse. I am editing and writing computer booklets, as the sole in-house editor and author of a very small French publishing company. It’s working well. So well that I quickly start managing all their collections. A few years later, while still doing that full time, I launch the two magazines they still publish nowadays (a photography magazine, and another dedicated to everything Apple). This was an unforgetable experience. It was incredibly fun and exciting, and the contact we had with our readers was amazing. So were many of the authors and collaborators I had hired or worked with during that time: amazing and talented. But money was scarce and the work was trully sysiphean. A few years ago, I had to quit in order to save the little that remained of my health — both physical and mental.

Nowadays, with a frail health and a failing eysight, I try to write novels and stories. Don’t waste your time looking for them around here: most of what I write ends up in the trash, the few that don’t I don’t publish them under my real name, at least for the moment ;)

The blog

This blog is all about learning to use Linux to do everything related to writing and self-publishing, and for my everyday use whatever that may be.

After more than 30 years being an Apple user, and still being one but not liking the direction Apple has recently taken, the blog is also about rediscovering what it means to own the devices I use and the apps I run on them. The good and the bad.

This blog will be updated on a guaranteed irregular basis.

Hardware & software

The desktop was hand-build somewhere around 2017. It runs Manjaro Xfce:

Screenfetch of the desktop

The laptop is a 2011 ThinkPad X220. It runs Fedora with its default Gnome (because I want to learn to like Gnome), and Xfce (because I like Xfce a lot).

Screenfetch of the laptop

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