Reading PDF in inverted colors/night mode

Inverted colors, dark mode or even night mode. If the name changes from app to app, the feature is the same: changing the page light background color into something dark, and changing its black text into something light. It’s great when reading PDFs in a low light environment and t’s essential when you suffer from some sort of extreme light sensibility, or have a terrible eyesight that makes it so you can’t read dark text on a light background on a screen.

Of all the apps I have tested, those three support some sort of inverted colors, at least partially for the last one.

Here is our reference PDF, for comparison. It is a scan of an old book: a simple black-and-white image, the text in it is not editable/selectable, with some handwritten annotation in red ink.

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A Minimalist but Powerful PDF Reader: Xodo

Xodo comes with every tool and feature I need:

  • Annotation tools (pen, underline, highlight, comments), that work great with the Surface Pen,
  • Basic page editing: reorder, delete or add pages to a PDF. No heavy editing tools, though. If you need to edit the content of a page, or use an OCR on it, it can’t,
  • It has a Modern UI,
  • It fully respects Windows 10’s dark theme,
  • It’s lightweight and fast,
  • It can be used in a true full screen mode,
  • It’s totally free: no ads, no in-app purchases, nada!

Just get if from the Microsoft Store.

One thing that has always bothered me though, is the screen real estate wasted by tabs and the menu bar. But there is something, I’ve just discovered: you can hide it!

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