The Dictionary app on Windows?

Why the macOS Dictionary?

As a writer, Dictionary is one of my favorite apps under macOS. It’s also one of the most underestimated.

It includes English, French, German dictionaries, and a few others. It comes with an integrated French-English dictionary, and others I don’t use. You can use it as a front-end to search Wikipedia. Add to that a tight integration to macOS—you can invoke it from almost any app containing text, with a gesture or a right-click on a word—it’s hard not to love this app.

The Mac Dictionary, with a partial list of dictionaries.

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Old vs New Windows: the contextual menu

Microsoft is slowly pushing Fluent, its new design philosophy, through Windows and all of its other apps. It’s doing it too slowly to my taste, but I do like this design very much.

If you’re not familiar with Windows, here is a screenshot of a standard/non-Fluent contextual menu, it’s a right-click on some file on the desktop:

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