Time Machine on Windows? A simple & automated backup

Windows 10 comes with a feature called Backup that is also a file history tool. It’s not as gorgeous as Apple’s Time Machine, but it’s as easy to set up, and it works well.

  1. Go to Windows Settings and type Backup in the search field. Select Backup Settings. Click the Add Drive button to choose where to save your backups.
  2. Done. It’s ready and it’ll soon start your first backup.

Simple enough, wasn’t it?

All your files will be backed up on an hourly basis and kept forever, or for as long as your drive has free space.

If you want more control—to select what folders to backups or to exclude, at what frequency (from every 10 minutes to once a day), and how long to keep them (from 1 month to forever)—click the More Options:

Get your files back

It’s not much more complicated here, but it’s less practical than Apple’s Time Machine. And it’s much less cool looking too. But it gets the job done.

Right-click on the file you want to see the backups and choose Restore previous version. An ugly window appears that lists all versions available:

If you know the date of the version you want to restore that’s fine, just select it and click Restore—click the little arrow next to it in order to select where to restore the version.

But this list won’t be very useful if you want to check the content of these versions before deciding which one to restore, as there is no preview—yet.

To get a preview, click to little arrow next to the Open button and chose Open in File History. It may take a second for the file to appear:

A draft of a not yet published blog post.

To scroll through the different versions, use the right and left arrows near the bottom of the screen. Click the big green button to restore the selected version.

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