Convert Multiple JPG Files Into a PDF

What to do on a Saturday night?

Well, convert a bunch of Jpeg images of course. Like scans of the XXIVa 1883 issue of the “Notices et extraits des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Nationale”. What else is there to do?

Something quite easy to do under macOS, but that I had no clue how to do under Windows… Long story short: it’s a lot easier.

    1. In File Explorer, group all your images in a new folder.
    2. Optional: to make sure they’re in the right order, number them from 1 to n—easy to do in File Explorer: select all images, right-click the first one, choose Rename, type whatever new name strikes your fancy, validate and your done: your files will be renamed using “name’ + incremental number.
      Decorative. File Explorer
    3. Select all your files, right-click and select Print. In the first drop-down list—Printer—choose Microsoft Print to PDF:
      Decorative. Window with a print preview
    4. Optional: if your images are not correctly oriented, click Options in the bottom right-corner, then select Printer Properties, change the page layout, and validate.
    5. Click Print.
      Decorative. Window showing the print progression
    6. And voilà. Tadaaah! Decorative. The final PDF opened in Xodo
      A brand new PDF, created directly from a bunch of jpg files, I can now read in my favorite  PDF reader.

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