Quickly Create a Focused Workspace

My desk is a mess, so is my desktop.

A screenshot of my desktop filled with various windows, plus the ebook I'm reading opened on top of them all. A mess.And that is only one of my two screens. I fill the other one with Sticky Notes, OneNote, the spreadsheet where I outline my work, and a couple other stuff.

But even if I thrive in a such a mess, I often like to focus on a single task, be it reading, or writing, or whatever. At those times, I don’t like having any mess around me on my screen.

I could use virtual desktops, or I could Win+D to hide everything save the wallpaper, and then only show the app I’m working with. But there is a simpler, more focused, and much faster solution.

The same desktop with the same ebook opened I a much more focused workspace, after turning on CinemaDrape. Everything is hidden, including the reading app's menus.The same screen, in a focused mode, thanks to CinemaDrape.

CinemaDrape is a cool little freeware that let you quickly mask everything on a screen save a see-through zone. It will let you define one or more zone, and their size: you just draw a rectangle on screen. You can change the background color.

It’s rudimentary, but it’s working really great, including with a multiple monitors setup. The app is light and really fast (default keyboard shortcut to (de)activate it being Ctrl+F11).

I use it all the time.

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