The switch is (almost) complete

For the last few days I’ve been using a 15″ Surface Book 2 that has replaced my 15″ 2015 MacBook Pro.

The keyboard is GREAT (poor design choice: dark grey lettering on light grey key caps, barely readable at least for someone with a poor eyesight like myself, but I don’t stare at my keyboard all day long, I type on it); the screen is amazing (gorgeous, and bright, exactly what I needed); the detachable tablet do not have an amazing battery life but I knew that, and it is so fucking great to use. Also, The Microsoft pen may not be as cool looking as Apple’s but does it feels great for writing.

The machine itself is dead silent under normal load, and the fans are not “whiny” at all when they spin (not tested under heavy load, though): they make a very low sound barely audible, if at all, in a quiet room. Edit: the Trackpad (which is great to use, almost as good as Apple’s) is noisy when clicking it.

You guessed it, so far I’m quite impressed. It’s not all love of course (most glitches being software related), I’ll probably publish more on that later on. Meanwhile, I’ve some writings to do on this cool device.

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