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Since 2010 or so, most if not all the Collège de France lectures are freely available as video recordings. It’s an amazing resource that can be watched online, or downloaded for a more comfortable experience—if you’re on Paris the entry to any lecture is free too, btw.

Alas if, like me, you can’t read black text on a light background it can be a pain to read the many slides in their videos.

Excerpt from Jean-Luc Fournet’s lecture « Le calame et la croix : la christianisation de l’écrit et le sort de la culture classique dans l’Antiquité tardive »

I could easily invert all colours on screen (making white black, and black white) using Windows (or macOS) accessibility tools, but that’d screw up my own Dark mode setup that’s working great for me 99% of the time, and I don’t want that. I just want to invert the video itself.

Here is a neat little trick that works well with a video player called Scorpio Player for Windows (it’s not free but it’s very often on sale on the Microsoft Store, @ $2.99):

In Scorpio Player, right-click the video and go to Graphic -> Effect Manager.

Check Invert and, bam, the video is now inverted.

Not that great for our poor lecturer, but so much better to read its slides 😉

4 thoughts on “Invert colors in a video”

  1. You are really a dark guy, as a matter of fact, I am also a fan of dark mode. The only thing bothers me in windows platform is the absense of a well designed markdown writer, Typora works good so far, but sometime doesn’t save texts, don’t know why and without a good built-in image browser that can view all images imported to a document.

    1. Yeah, Markdown is not that well served under Windows, alas. Have you tried WriteMonkey? It has a lot of potential. and they also have their old V2 to consider.

      Or, even though I dislike the way they’re ripping off Ulysses, there is Inspire It’s not as feature rich as Ulysses, but there is nothing that tries that hard to replicate Ulysses under Windows.

  2. Thank you very much for this post! I have an eye condition which makes white slides unbearable. This will be a game changer for me! I saw that it is also available for more platforms now. I don’t have a M1 Mac so I used it for Windows.

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