Immersive Reader & Custom Page Background Color in the Retail (Non-Sub Based) Word 2019?

If, like me, you’re wondering if the retail version of Microsoft Office 2019—the single purchase one, not the subscription-based Office 365/Microsoft 365—comes with the same Immersive Reader, the answer is: yes. And that’s great, because it makes Word so much more comfortable, imo:

(Sorry, this retail version of Office is in French and I’ve not yet checked if I can switch language, like with O365.)

Also, one can use a custom page background color and therefore keep using the traditinal page layout with margisn and border:

Don’t mind the odd-looking custom tab you can see in the Ribbon: that’s one of the really neat features of newer Word versions, the ability to create your very own Ribbon/Tabs, and group whatever tools you often use. That option, plus the ability to hide the Ribbon and define keyboard shortcuts or almost any tool, is 😍

FYI, the retail version I use is ‘Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019’, no idea what the ‘Professional Plus’ stands for but unlike what the screenshot may let you believe: OneNote is not pre-installed (I reckon because this version of Office does not come With any OneDrive Storage?)

Why bother with the retail version of Office if I already use the sub-based Microsoft 365? I needed Word on a machine that won’t connect to the Internet, and the sub-based Microsoft 365 needs to connect at least once a month to check if your sub is still active. This retail version needed to connect online only once, in order to activate the license.


A True Dark Mode for Microsoft Word

Reading PDF in inverted colors/night mode

Inverted colors, dark mode or even night mode. If the name changes from app to app, the feature is the same: changing the page light background color into something dark, and changing its black text into something light. It’s great when reading PDFs in a low light environment and t’s essential when you suffer from some sort of extreme light sensibility, or have a terrible eyesight that makes it so you can’t read dark text on a light background on a screen.

Of all the apps I have tested, those three support some sort of inverted colors, at least partially for the last one.

Here is our reference PDF, for comparison. It is a scan of an old book: a simple black-and-white image, the text in it is not editable/selectable, with some handwritten annotation in red ink.

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