Audio Equalizer for the Mac (and Spotify)

Having recently switched from iTunes to Spotify for all my music, it baffled me to discover the Mac app doesn’t come with an equalizer. Is no one at Spotify giving a fuck about, you know, sound

So, yesterday I searched for a solution that would work with Spotify. 

eqMac2 is a free and Open Source equaliser for the Mac. Yep, for the Mac: the app will let you adjust the sound system-wide, not just in Spotify.

Once started, it quietly sits in the menu bar.

I’ve just started using it, so there is not much I coudl tell beside the fact that so far it’s wroking well. It comes with a set of pre-defined settings but you can easily create and save your own. Which is neat.

The app itself is lightweight and doesn’t seem to be intrusive at all. Kudos to its dev(s).

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  1. it took some finesse on the instillation process (i ended up having to remove it and install it again), but i was able to get this to work beautifully on big sur 11.3. if you have the patience to make this work, it’s a great option for novices like myself.

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