My Linux Blog

No idea if it can be of any interest to anyone but me, but I started a really tiny blog dedicated to me (re)learning to use GNU/Linux or, more precisely, using Manjaro, a really neat distribution that runs great on my old ThinkPad.

It’s here : Linux? Why Not.

There are already some posts published (and more are planned) but — surprise? — I have no idea how often I’ll update it: subscribe to its rss feed to be informed.

As always, it’s ads and tracking-free.

Negative: Free PDF Reader With Inverted Colours Mode

I was looking for some free – like in free beer – alternatives to PDF Expert, the reader I’ve been using for years for its invert colours feature but can’t install anymore (both my licences are not recognised anymore). I found Negative.

This cool little app doesn’t seem to have any tool (no highlighter, no handwriting, no annotations, and so on). But it’s small, fast, free. And it does what it says:

Negative, free on the App Store.